Tinder: 10 tips to find love in a few swipes

Since the advent of dating apps like Tinder, the world of dating has changed a lot. You can meet a lot of singles in a very short time. However, finding love, the one with a big “A”, remains quite difficult. That’s why we’ve prepared some tips to help you find love on Tinder.

There were the dating sites, then the famous dating apps like Tinder (https://tinderfrance.com/), Bumble, happn and POF. Since then, our way of meeting has changed completely. We spent casual meetings in bars or evenings with friends common to meetings on the Internet. If some people come to find love after a few swipes and a date, it is clear that other people are completely lost in this ocean of photos, bio and games. How to find the right person without spending 3 hours a day on Tinder and sprain a finger? Here are some clever ideas to follow!

Make efforts in your bio

If you’re one of the people who think that bio (or description) on Tinder is totally useless, think again! Once you have caught the attention of your future match, she allows you to reveal a little more about you, even before you started the conversation. You can talk about your hobbies, what you are looking for as a relationship, what you are passionate about in life; the important thing is to be authentic. It is obviously hard enough to describe yourself in 500 characters, but you will have ample time to chat with the other person during your future date.

Avoid group photos as profile photos

It’s good to show that you have friends … but you do not have to put only group photos on Tinder. This may take away potential matches. Indeed, who wants to waste time trying to guess who you are in the photo of your 15-person cottage party? Not me anyway.

Attention to parameters

Yes, photos and bio are important, but the parameters too. If you live in Montreal and are looking for someone near you, do not put a maximum distance of 100 km. You may end up with games on the other side of the river. Also pay attention to the age range. These two parameters will greatly influence the profiles you will fall on and probably the fact that you are single or not.

Connect your Instagram and Spotify accounts to Tinder

Another way to increase your chances of meeting love is to connect your Instagram and Spotify accounts to Tinder. This simple trick will allow the other person to know a little more about you soon enough. Indeed, Instagram is quite revealing, like Spotify, which says a lot about our tastes and musical influences.

Do not let your friend (s) “play” Tinder on your phone

We all have a friend in a relationship for many years. It’s probably already happened that you want to take out your phone to answer a Tinder message and see your friend in question grab your device to “play” Tinder, or try to find the perfect match. Even if your friend has good intentions, it’s better to take care of your love life yourself. Unless you really like to have bad surprises!

Discuss with the other person as you would in real life

Before writing anything on Tinder, always take the time to ask yourself if you would express yourself to the other person in real life. Sometimes we tend to have less censorship in the virtual, let alone with people we do not know. Despite the fact that they are unknown, there are still people like you and me. They deserve as much respect as your parents, your friends, your sister or your brother. Another trick to remember that works well enough is to engage in conversation and discuss naturally as you would in a first meeting by trying to ask questions so that the conversation flows smoothly.

Attention to spelling

The mistake is human, it’s a fact. However, a misspelling in every word is enough to make any seducer much less attractive in no time.
Take the time to get to know the other person

Also try to take the time to get to know the other person before adding it on Facebook or giving him your phone number. You do not have to ask her favorite color or the name of her parents, but you can go beyond the simple “Hello, how are you?” And try to find out what her interests and hobbies are. It will also help you find a date idea!

Be honest

It is important that you are as honest about the person as you are about what you are looking for with Tinder. Do not say that you are a great sportsman if walking 1 km makes you cringe! It’s also not a good idea to say that you’re comfortable with a one-night story if you’re not, and you’re looking for great love.

Do not wait too long before proposing a meeting

To increase your chances of meeting love, a tip that works well is not to wait too long before proposing a meeting. Once you have taken the time to chat with the other person, do not hesitate to propose a meeting in a public place (and I insist on “public place”). It may be to go for coffee, a drink, a tea, whatever. As long as it gives you the opportunity to talk face to face.

Bonus tip: Take it easy!

To make interesting meetings on Tinder, I also suggest you to have a “relaxed” attitude, in short, take it easy, as they say. This app serves to match people, after all! No one is here to sign a marriage contract (at least, I hope so). You can find as much love as new friends, so take everything with a grain of salt.

With these few tips, you should be able to put Tinder’s algorithms on your side and make beautiful encounters and, who knows, to meet the soul mate! The important thing is that you take pleasure in using Tinder and that you remain authentic. You do not want your match to fall in love with a fake profile.