The 3 Pillars of any mobile marketing strategy

Ways to Maximize Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

The world will soon have 2 billion smartphone users. It is not surprising then that mobile marketing has become one of the most important levers used by companies to reach new customers. However, while this is a relatively young discipline, many companies have not yet learned the right methodology to define an effective m-marketing strategy. Often, they forget the first three steps:

1. Segment the market

To launch a marketing campaign, you need to know your target audience. It sounds obvious, but some companies just post information about their products regardless of who gets their message. It’s a waste of time. A business can not go to all potential customers at once because the market is heterogeneous. Analyzing your market and segmenting it will allow you to tailor your message to each category of customer.

2. Learn from the mistakes of the competition

It is also fundamental to know the competition. By observing the strategies of your main competitors, you will know which measures are most effective, and you can adapt them to your mobile marketing campaign. Learn to learn from the mistakes of your competitors. You will reach your goals faster.

3. Have an online presence before embarking on the mobile market

Before even starting to define a mobile marketing strategy, the company should make itself known on the internet. It is essential to create a website, to have profiles on the main social networks and to invest in SEM. Similarly, geolocation tools such as Foursquare or Google My Business can also be useful.

These are the main pillars of any mobile marketing strategy, but there is one ingredient to be mentioned without which no marketing campaign can succeed: empathy. The customer will be more receptive to the content that a company sends him if he sees that it tries to meet his needs. All mobile marketing managers need to understand the expectations of mobile users. And to do this, what better than to become an active user of applications and websites?