Bumble Vs. Tinder: Which Is Better?

Are you a McDonald’s or Burger King Fan? Mac or PC? Well now, you have to choose between Tinder and Bumble. While geolocated dating apps have revolutionized the love life of Generation Y just a few years ago, a new milestone has been crossed by Bumble, the network that wants to empower women. Beyond her feminist argument, Bumble is also known for bringing together high-flying professionals. You are much more likely to get your hands on a hedge fund manager or a human resources manager on Bumble than elsewhere. While Tinder has built a solid reputation for fun, Bumble seems more geared towards lasting relationships. Continue reading “Bumble Vs. Tinder: Which Is Better?”

The 3 Pillars of any mobile marketing strategy

Ways to Maximize Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

The world will soon have 2 billion smartphone users. It is not surprising then that mobile marketing has become one of the most important levers used by companies to reach new customers. However, while this is a relatively young discipline, many companies have not yet learned the right methodology to define an effective m-marketing strategy. Often, they forget the first three steps: Continue reading “The 3 Pillars of any mobile marketing strategy”