Now you Can Arrange Threesomes With your Smartphone

It’s seriously playing on the world of dating apps. All ideas are good to take if they can stand out and attract a lot of users.

There was little came out the application Once. A dating service (for no hurry, say the bad languages) offering only one profile per day. The goal is to avoid emotional (or sexual) procrastination and help to find true love. We will still have some doubts about this concept when any user will tell you that even with a mass of solicitations, it is very difficult to find the pearl, so the El Dorado seems difficult to reach with this unique suggestion concept. Continue reading “Now you Can Arrange Threesomes With your Smartphone”

5 Tips for Successfully App Designing Your Apple Watch App

Apple Watch app design app

In our previous articles, we gave you some tips for creating your app’s app design, but we did not talk about the app design for Apple Watch apps. It is time to look into this subject.
But before talking about the app design adapted to the Apple Watch, let’s see how this gadget works …

In terms of user interface (UI), the Apple Watch is slightly different from the iPhone and iPad. It is impossible, for example, to make the famous pinch screen to zoom in or out of images and web pages. However, many other movements are possible: Continue reading “5 Tips for Successfully App Designing Your Apple Watch App”